Who We Are


Our usual playing schedule:
17:00–00:00 (GMT+0)
7 days a week

We are speaking:

  • English
  • Georgian
  • Russian

We prefer:
Skirmishes, Advances, Global Map, Team Battles and Tournaments

[TIMES] – the international clan. We prefer tolerant and funny players who have an interest to play some skirmishes, advances and clan wars (sometimes) or just play their own game. It is not about skill ^^ so, you are welcome :>

what we expect from you:

– loyalty
– understanding
– use of TeamSpeak3 while being ingame

for any question please contact clan’s Commander.
If you have any problem with our players, feel free to contact WG Support, that will serve you justice as fair as possible.

We are playing using Teamspeak3, feel free to pop in and say hi, but beware, you need to wait for access rights or else you won’t see/hear much – the server has strict access levels set for protecting us from unpleasant, uninvited trolls. 🙂

Our clan has the following tools for internal communication:

  • Teamspeak3 server – main communication tool for everyday gaming, Skirmish and CW battles, platooning. Some extra information about our TS3 >>here<<
  • Discord server – for backup, also used for direct messaging while being away but still trying to reach each other

We also have a Recruitment thread on the official forums of World of Tanks, where we are asking everyone to message our nominated members ingame if you would like to apply to [TIMES].