Join us!

Dear Fellow Tankers,

I’m delighted to tell, [TIMES] is reopening it’s recruitment following The Dawn of Industry cw campaign.

We are aiming even higher than before: we are to reorientate our clan from a mostly georgian player base to a fully and 100% international, English speaking clan. We also aim to be a competitive bunch with high level of activity, skirmishes, advances every day, in Tier 8 and Tier 10 alike, with a preference on Tier 10.

Before anyone would become skeptic or negative and start providing ‘constructive criticism’… we are aware of the level of difficulty what it takes, but we want to recruit players who are open for such challenge and willing to work a bit to deal with the personal responsibility which is heavier on each member who actively wants not only be part of the community but also to build this community of ours by being self-aware of what it takes to provide a non-toxic, fun-oriented, but competitive community in World of Tanks. Make no mistake, this won’t be super easy in a game which is already around the 8th year after it’s release… but if you are interested in growing with us… hell yeah, we are interested in You too! Please, reach out to us using this form below, and we will contact you within hours.

PuddingLovesTea, Eirinn_Go_Brach