Join us!

We are looking for new members with 2200+ recent wn8, and we require applicants to have as many tanks for the current meta as possible.

We are actively playing Advances and Skirmishes, this is our source of fun, not the random ‘ffs I got balanced by arty again…’ – type of battles.

Be talkative, be active, be competent, and be fun to have you around. Are you? Yes? Then proceed below, we can’t wait to play together with you!


Share your name with our recruiters. We need your ingame name to pre-check your level of proficiency in this magical game known as World of Tanks.
Tell us how you want to be contacted. It can be email, whatsapp, viber, telegram... you name it, we use it. Make sure that you provide the right data, and that your security settings allow non-friend accounts to find you!
You can tell us your goals, what tanks do you have (we hope to see people applying with the current meta tanks in their garage of course), what you expect from us, and what you can give in exchange, etc