Recruitment is open!

Our official recruitment thread is here.

You can also find a mirror of it below!

Next in line, please step forward for briefing!

You see a classic, oldschool, and elegant mahagony desk in front of you. It’s surface is pretty empty, matching the military minimalism, except that there is a huge amount of Pudding and a massive, enormous samovar, containing enough tea for a battalion. (Our glorious leader, PuddingLovesTea). So here’s the deal, Commander:

We are a historically georgian clan, but we always had friends among other countries, and we would like to embrace everyone who wants to be our friend. We are now offering everyone a great deal of fun, success in Skirmishes (our preference is Tier X), and some occasional ear raping on our Teamspeak3 server. Thanks to the widespread use of soundboards surely you’ll learn to love the Ugandan memes among many others. Spicing up the battles with these, our battles are always fun, always interesting and I am here to announce with great pride: our battles also often resulting in delightful, sweet wins.

We do care a lot about tactical orders: following the FC’s orders “as is” is a minimum we expect from every member. Although we consider each applicant’s statistics and we aim for good players, if not the greatest of all – we don’t ignore the ones who are feeling unlucky in randoms, and we know, that RNG does not shine on everyone every day.

Please look for PuddingLovesTea, Eirinn_Go_Brach or hell_I_ANUBIS_I_heaven, message them INGAME or here on forum, if you are willing to give us a shot (yeah, pun is mildly intended), expect to have a conversation on our TS3 just to get to know each other better, before swearing an oath for loyalty (ie regular formal procedure) and ultimately going down on a road which leads to many hours spent together as often as possible exploiting the magical experience Wargaming’s famous title, World of Tanks is offering to the player base.

Dismissed, Commander. We are wishing you a great success on the battlefield, may the RNG shine on you when needed.

In a nutshell:

  • We are looking for english speaking players.
  • We are accepting people with and without unicum stats.
  • We are not keeping members, who are toxic, disrespectful, and fail to follow orders repetitively.
  • Desired level of experience of the applicant should not be lower than our lowest rated current members. We prefer people with at least 6k personal rating or above, but that is not written into stone.
  • Last, we expect use of Teamspeak at all [TIMES] when logged ingame.