[TIMES] TS3 server groups

Generic TS3 Ranks are defined in the group called —TS Access Levels—:

Admin – Server Admin, the one above everyone else (obviously except the server provider)
Fucker with Priviliges – has rights to kick, ban, and to add or remove users to almost every user groups
Member – regular clan member
Friendly face – basically a friend of a member
Redneck (NewApplicant) – new applicant to the clan
Legionaire – Person who is joining the members as a Legionaire for Skirmish or Team Battles
Esteemed Guest – equal rights to a member, but not a member
Plebs with no access – person with zero access, like freshly joined people on TS

—Punishment (sort of)—

Ahmed: Silence, I kill you! – gives the person -100 talk power, basically muting the person
Toxic or Traitor – its like Ahmed on steroids: -100 talk power and all kind of messaging power.  On top of that, it sticks the person to the channel.
I like to move it move it – gives nothing but the ability to move other users between TS3 channels
Sucks to be you – sticks the person to the channel, being unable to move
Forced push to talk – can be useful if someone is annoying to others with his background noises and open voice detection for microphone settings

—Social Groups—

none of these groups give anything but the icon and a funny group name. Give these to members if something happened which relates to the group name. For example, if you spend a lot of money on the game like Eirinn did so far, then you deserve a “wallet warrior”, or users below 18 years can get the “Underage tanker” icon. Be creative, get the idea, and feel free to use these icons.